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a elatovanilia

Abaton: Elatovanilia

SKU#: EV-A1002

Full Description:

Organic Honey Elatis

It’s produced only at the fir forests of Mount Menalo which is located at the southern Greek region of Arkadia. It has a unique color and taste and a specially jellied texture. Its unique taste, flavor and quality will satisfy even the most demanding consumer. It stays at its original state for lots yeas.

Types of Packaging:

  • 440 gr (jar)
  • 770 gr (jar)
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Organic food advocates claim that organically grown foods are safer and more nutritious than foods raised with non-organic methods such as pesticide and non-organic fertilizer use, or antibiotic and hormone use. Many people just don't trust these chemicals and don't want to put them into their bodies. Since virtually all non-organically produced foods contain residues of pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals, the only way to avoid them is to buy organic foods.

To be certified as organic, food products need to come from farms and processing plants that are certified as organic. This means that they are inspected by certified government officials to ensure that organic farms are up to each country’s official recognized organization organic standards.

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Pure Honey from Athos

A lot to see and do

The everlasting feel of Greek honey, fetched from the mountains of Athos on the north side of Greece.

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Agropro Hellas Trade Company invites you to take a tour and check our organic products. Due to the demand and the foreign interest of organic food and drink products, Agropro Hellas offers products used in the Mediterranean diet to feel the modern, demanding lifestyle in competitive prices.

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