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Abaton: Flower and pine trees
Organic Honey from flowers and pine trees produced during spring and summer at the open valleys of Northern Greece.
Abaton: Elatovanilia
Organic Honey which is produced only at the fir forests of Mount Menalo which is located at the southern Greek region of Arkadia.
Abaton: Rikomelo (sousoura)
It’s one of the rarest honeys worldwide and propably the rarest of all. The incredible taste and flavor is very distinctive.
axion esti elatis
Axion Esti: Elatis
It’s produced only at the fir forests of Mount Menalo which is located at the southern Greek region of Arkadia.
axion esti flowers forest
Axion Esti: Flower and forest
Organic Honey from flowers and trees produced during spring and summer from several different regions of Greece.
axion esti forest thyme
Axion Esti: Forest and thyme
The combination of the two varieties gives honey its strong flavor and the bright color that characterizes it.
axion esti kastania
Axion Esti: Chestnut
Chestnut honey is famous for its strong aroma, dark brown color and full flavor, rich in mineral elements that provides mental clarity.
axion esti koumaria
Axion Esti: Strawberry Tree
From the finest Greek land plants this great organic honey operates as a shield for the human body as it is rich in vitamins and minerals.



Honey from the Hellenic rich nature


Hellas is a hive where Mother Nature thrives. The rich fertile soil from the coastal regions, mountains plateaus, gorges host so many species of wondrous plants and flowers.
Hellas is endowed with a rich and diversified natural environment as a result of a rare geomorphology, with many striking natural contrasts and areas of great ecological value.

Trees, especially in Mount Athos are perfectly adapted to the climatic conditions. As it has rich indigenous plants, recognized the uniqueness of the flora since ancient times, and came to know their uses, both for food (eaten raw, consumed after cooking, dried before use or consumed after processing), and for their non-food properties (medicinal, aromatic, dye, and ornamental plants). The plants that lives in that area secretes enough pollen and nectar, having as a result, the honey and propolis made in our area protects better the people.

As a result, the main benefits that honey consumers internationally have reported about Hellenic honey, suggested that bio honey , bio pollen and bio royal jelly, include

  • Τhe boost of the immune system,
  • Anti-viral and anti-aging properties,
  • Increased energy,
  • Reduced sense of stress, and
  • Weight regulation.

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Pure Honey from Athos

A lot to see and do

The everlasting feel of Greek honey, fetched from the mountains of Athos on the north side of Greece.

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Agropro Hellas Trade Company invites you to take a tour and check our organic products. Due to the demand and the foreign interest of organic food and drink products, Agropro Hellas offers products used in the Mediterranean diet to feel the modern, demanding lifestyle in competitive prices.

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